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Gypsum Self Leveling Applicator

Poured Floors of NY & NJ and Applied Surface Materials were individually founded by David Melnick and Russell Geaneotes. David and Russell both began installing floor leveling underlayment in the early 1990's Russell in PA and David in Metro NY. Eventually the two came together and formed a partnership to bridge the gap between these two territories.
With these to companies together we have taken advantage of the combined resources and talents that are necessary for a winning team.

Since there inception Poured Floors of NY & NJ, Gypsum New York Sales Corp & Applied Surface Materials, Inc. have built on the belief that first class customer service as our foundation combined with top quality products and services will insure that our customers keep coming back us for all there floor leveling solutions.
Based on this model since 1992 our founders have made it a point that they are always available to clients and employees at all times.

We are by no means the largest of our type of business but we put our customers above all else and will prove it anytime upon request with an endless list of referrences from our friends at Plaxall, Trident, Newark Metametrics, WP Developers, Roebling Group, R. Marchese Construction, Qualico Contracting, Q&A Mechanical, Daniella Mechanical, Village Hill Flooring, A&E Flooring and Tiling, and many others whom I regret to say I don't have enough room on this site to list.

As of late one of the markets that Poured Floors have proudly and eagerly joined is the steel construction market.
Poured Floors has made many happy builders in the metropolitan area by providing Lightweight Gypsum Concrete 1 9/16" average thickness 2 hour UL listed assemblies and acoustical mat innovations over corrigated steel decking from Dietrich Industries and Marino/Ware.
The reason this is important is that ready mix needs to be 2.5" over the top of the flutes or 3" total where our LEVELROCK CSD Gypsum Concrete only requires 1 9/16" average total thickness to provide the required 2 hr rating in NYC.
This is a 55% savings in weight over traditional concrete methods.
Trade traffic can return to work on this new surface the very next day compared to ready mix concrete which would have required 7-10 days to gain enough surface psi to withstand the traffic.
Also it does this while keeping the fast pace construction schedules on time and on budget while providing the highest quality product and service that money can buy.

Give us a call and ask us how we can improve your bottom line!
Contact: Dave@poured-floors.com or Phone: (631) 484-0900
 Fax: (631) 517-9191

Plywood No Sound Mat
3/4"to 3 1/2" LEVELROCK 2500


Corrugated Steel Prepour fill flute SRM 25 1/4" Sound Mat

LEVELROCK RADIANT 2500 & Commercial Radiant 3500 the highest strength radiant gypsum product in the industry!

LEVELROCK brand 2500,3500,4500 the highest strength onsite mixed Gypsum Concrete products in the industry!

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