USG LEVELROCK® Brand Self Leveling Underlayments

A word about our Self Leveling Cementitious Hydraulic Floor Underlayment Products.
At Poured Floors of New York and New Jersey we have access to the finest Self Leveling Toppings and Wear Surfaces on the market today. We have selected the following Underlayments because we believe that finer products have not been developed that can match the Quality and Durability of the following.

All of the following Underlayments will be walkable 90 minutes after the area has been poured.
With our system you can have over 40,000 ft installed in one day therefore minimizing your down time and maximizing your return on your investment. Because our Self Leveling Products are mixed in concentrate form and we add the specified sand on site instead of at a factory your pricing for Self Leveling Cement has never been more enticing to your wallet!

Gypsum Self Leveling Applicator

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LEVELROCK® PROFLOW™ Floor Underlayment
Self-leveling gypsum concrete with the highest compressive strength in the industry
LEVELROCK® brand PROFLOW™ floor underlayment applies over concrete slabs, pre-stressed concrete and concrete planks in commercial, institutional and rehab construction. PROFLOW underlayment may also be used as a finished floor surface, with an approved coating.

LEVELROCK® Quik-Top™ Floor Underlayment

Dries within 15 hours so applicators can pour and cover in the same day.
LEVELROCK® Quik-Top™ floor underlayment is a pre-sanded, self-leveling, cementitious underlayment that sets and dries extremely quickly, minimizing downtime on commercial and institutional repair and renovation projects. Its innovative self-sealing technology typically eliminates the need to seal the floor prior to applying the floor-covering adhesive.

  • High compressive strength (5,000 to 6,000 psi) provides durability
  • Requires minimal subfloor surface preparation and no shot blasting
  • Suitable for a wide variety of floor coverings
  • Can be stained or used by itself as a finished floor when used with an approved coating system
    Level Finish is a premium quality self leveling floor underlayment designed to cover a wide variety of substrates such as concrete, metal, wood, ceramic and quarry tile, terrazzo, and well bonded cut-back adhesive. Level Finish provides a smooth, durable surface ready for finished flooring in as little as 3 hours.
Comp. Strength (28 Day) 5750 psi Flexural Strength (28 Day) 1100 psi.
    LF-W is a Cement based, self curing, self leveling floor underlayment that is used to create a level, flat and durable surface prior to the installation of finished floor coverings. Mixed with water only, LF-W’s high polymer content and Fiber reinforcement creates an excellent bond various substrates such as concrete, pvc, vct, wood, ceramic and quarry tile
     Color Concrete Grey
    Walkable in 2-3 hours
    Can be installed without aggregate up to 1½"
     Water damage stable - Non-Gypsum based
    Contains no protein additives

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